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Each full service cat groom includes: bath, blow dry, comb out/de-shed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, haircut and trimming and cologne.

  • BATH
    Each dog is bathed in all natural shampoo. A variety of shampoos are available for unique skin and coat needs. If your dog has a prescribed veterinary shampoo, please bring it with you. We take care to wash each dog with warm water, and they are thoroughly lathered by hand or with the aid of our Prima Bathing System which uses a massage jet to distribute the shampoo close to the skin to remove dirt and excess oils. Conditioner is applied when needed and the coat is rinsed twice to ensure all product is removed.
    A high speed dryer is used to remove most of the water from the coat. Then the dog may be allowed to air dry for a short time with a clean towel. For some pets air drying reduced the length of time they need to spend on the table, and is less stressful for those who may be fearful of the dryer. No heated cage dryers are used at Bonsai Pet, the safety of each pet is top priority. The dogs are then fluff dried which allows us to straighten, and detangle the hair as well as remove shedding undercoat and prepare for trimming if necessary.
    All dogs receive a full brush out, and will have mats and tangles removed. Thick double coated breeds like Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Pomeranians get loose undercoat thoroughly brushed out. Brushing reduces shedding and prevents matting. We will also use a Furminator to de-shed smooth coats as needed. Frequent grooming will dramatically reduce the amount of shedding in any breed.
    Nail trims are included with every groom. Attention is paid to trim nails well. We then use a nail filing tool to smooth the sharp edges. Nail filing helps prevent people from being scratched, and also offers some protection to hardwood floors and furniture. Some pets have a long quick or vein in the nail which prevents them from being cut short without causing pain. Frequent nail trimming can help the quick to recede, making shorter nails possible. On occasion, aggressive behavior may prohibit a nail trim, in which case the owner will be informed.
    The visible ear canal is wiped clean of excess wax and dirt with cotton and a pet formulated ear cleanser. We do offer plucking of hair growing in the ear canal please ask if you would like this done for your dog. We find that some dogs benefit for the removal of the hair and some live perfectly healthy with it left alone. We are happy to answer questions relating to ear plucking if you are unsure. If your pet requires a deeper cleaning of the ear canal or an ear flush please see your vet. If possible infection or irritation is seen owners will be informed, and referred to a vet for further instruction. We will not proceed with ear cleaning if it appears to be painful to the dog, or the health of the ear canal is questionable.
    Breed specific and show style grooms are available, while the shorter and easier to maintain pet styles are another popular choice. If you own a mixed breed or if you prefer an untraditional trim, we are happy to help find the perfect look for your pet. There are endless options available. We encourage owners to give input on what type of trimming they want done. We are always happy to make changes if something isn’t quite right, or if something new is desired.
    Dogs receive bows or a bandana for a special touch. Finally, a spritz of cologne is applied, a variety of scents are available.We also offer a touch of color, temporary tattoos, earing bling, and nail polish for an extra charge.


It is best to contact Bonsai Pet for an accurate price quote.

Pricing is based on several factors including but not limited to: does the cat have long or short hair, is the hair matted and is the cat generally accepting of the grooming process. Some of the services we offer for cats are:

  • Bath & Comb Out (includes light trimming, if needed)

  • Lion Cut

  • Comb Cut 

  • Flea Bath (depending on level of infestation, in addition to grooming fee)

  • De-matting


  • Brush Out

  • Nail Trimming

  • Spot Clipping & Small Mat Removal

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