Each full service cat groom includes: bath, blow dry, comb out/de-shed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, haircut and trimming and cologne.


Baths are very important for cats, contrary to popular belief. A bath will remove excess oil from the cats coat which allows shedding hair to fall away freely and not stick and bunch together creating mats and tangles. The bath also helps the groomer to be able to remove more of the shedding hair during the cats visit, and it gives the cat a super soft fresh smelling coat.
We carefully montior cats as we introduce them to the bathing process, and have a few different approaches determined by how the cat is reacting. For cats who openly accept the bath we will use a light shower setting to wet them, and then lather by hand or with the aid of the Prima Bathing System which uses a massage jet to distribute the shampoo close to the skin to remove dirt and excess oils. The coat is rinsed twice to ensure all product is removed. For nervous cats we will use a tub filled with warm water and slowly wash and rinse them using a cup to pour water over them rather than the spray nozzle. If they will not tollerate the tub at all we will sponge bathe or use a rinseless shampoo to clean them. Bonsai Pet uses all natural shampoos.


After the bath we thoroughly towel dry the cat. If the cat allows, a high speed dryer is used to remove most of the water from the coat. Then the cat will be given a break and be allowed to air dry for a short time with a clean towel. No heated cage dryers are used at Bonsai Pet, the safety of each pet is top priority. We will then finish drying if needed on the grooming table with the aid of a stand dryer.


All cats receive a full comb out, and will have mats and tangles removed. Combing reduces shedding and prevents matting. Frequent grooming will dramatically reduce the amount of shedding in any cat. Sometimes the cats behavior and tolerance may limit how much combing we are able to do in one session. We are happy to talk about options that will make the experience as as enjoyable as possible for the cat. Heavy matting and large tangles may need to be clipped away in order to not cause pain to the cat.


If needed, nails are trimmed with each groom.


The visible ear canal is wiped clean of excess wax and dirt with cotton and a pet formulated ear cleanser. If we notice redness or irritation owners will be notified. We will not proceed with ear cleaning if it appears to be painful to the cat, or the health of the ear canal is questionable.


We offer lion cuts, comb cuts and trims for cats.
The lion cut is a short body clip leaving about 1/8 inch length of coat. a mane of hair is left around the head and a tuft is left on the end of the tail. this is a popular choice for cats that tend to get matted easily, or if shedding is a concern. Owners can modify this trim depending on how much hair they like left on the neck, and tail style.
A comb cut is a longer trim, length is determined by the cats owner and the cats individual coat type. In order to give a cat the comb cut the cat must be tangle free. in some cases it may not be possible to achieve a longer trim if the coat is too matted, and then a lion cut would be suggested.
Some owners prefer light trimming to trouble areas like the armpits, chest and belly, and sanitary areas. We can clip or shave these areas to the owners preferance.
We encourage owners to give input on what type of trimming they want done. We are always happy to make changes if something isn’t quite right, or if something new is desired.
Finally, a spritz of cologne is applied, a variety of scents are available.


It is best to contact Bonsai Pet for an accurate price quote. Price estimates listed are for full grooms which include all of the above services. The lesser of the two prices is for short haired cats, cats that are not heavily matted, and who are generally accepting of the grooming process. The higher end is for cats that are requiring more time which may be because of coat condition or behavior. Your cat may fall somewhere in the middle, we would be happy to talk about your cats specific needs. 

  • Bath & Comb Out: $48-70 (includes light trimming, if needed)

  • Lion Cut: $68

  • Comb Cut: $70-75

  • Flea Bath*: $5-10 (*depending on level of infestation, in addition to grooming fee)

  • De-matting*: $15 per 15-minutes (*when possible, in addition to grooming fee)


  • Brush Out: $15 per 15-minutes

  • Nail Trimming: $10

  • Spot Clipping & Small Mat Removal: $10+