Each full service cat groom includes: bath, blow dry, comb out/de-shed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, haircut and trimming and cologne.


It is best to contact Bonsai Pet for an accurate price quote. Price estimates listed are for full grooms which include all of the above services. The lesser of the two prices is for short haired cats, cats that are not heavily matted, and who are generally accepting of the grooming process. The higher end is for cats that are requiring more time which may be because of coat condition or behavior. Your cat may fall somewhere in the middle, we would be happy to talk about your cats specific needs. 

  • Bath & Comb Out: $48-70 (includes light trimming, if needed)

  • Lion Cut: $68

  • Comb Cut: $70-75

  • Flea Bath*: $5-10 (*depending on level of infestation, in addition to grooming fee)

  • De-matting*: $15 per 15-minutes (*when possible, in addition to grooming fee)


  • Brush Out: $15 per 15-minutes

  • Nail Trimming: $10

  • Spot Clipping & Small Mat Removal: $10+

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