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Bonsai Pet stylists are committed to providing professional service for our clients. Each stylist is a current and participating member of the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylists. By regularly attending industry seminars and events, stylists keep current with the newest techniques and styles and learn about the latest tools and trends in pet grooming.  Each Bonsai Pet stylist is taught exceptional hand scissoring skills -- the technique allows for a smooth, symmetrical finish to your pet’s haircut. We understand and study breed profiles to craft the correct look for purebred dogs and have the creative ability to offer options for mixed-breed styling and nonstandard trims.  



A passion for artistic pet styling, my love of working with animals, and my uncompromising attention to detail compelled me to launch Bonsai Pet in 2008. I’m an award-winning stylist and groomer with more than 18 years of experience. My heart lies in caring for pets who may need extra attention, I use a calm approach and different methods to make nervous, elderly, or otherwise uneasy dogs and cats respond well to grooming. I have competed in styling and grooming events which challenged me and strengthened my eye to detail and commitment to providing your pets with an individualized grooming experience. I’ve won multiple placements at competitions, including Best All-Around Groomer and Best Groomed Dog, and had some extremely rewarding experiences doing rescue dog competitions.

I’m the proud mom of an adventurous mini Poodle named Malcolm and a spirited little Lowchen, Tommy, who always has lots to say.  I’ve trained both of them in agility, because we enjoy learning how to work together as a team. And, of course, I love the companionship and cuddles that we share.  Two cats are also part of our little crew: Scrambles is a social butterfly, and 21-year-old Mouzer also hangs out at Bonsai Pet.

When I’m not grooming pets, I enjoy spending time with my husband Paul, we like to hike and be outside, we also love music and attending shows of all kinds. I have revisited my interest in ceramics, drawing, and photography, and am excited to continue to grow in these areas. I also like to stay focused on my health and fitness. I think it’s awesome to connect with like minded people, who share these interests.



I decided to develop a profession involving pets because I have loved dogs as long as I can remember. I was 10 years old when I started in the 4H dog project, I couldn’t wait to be a part of the hobby like my older brother. I assisted a family friend for many years who bred and showed Collies. I was lucky to travel all over the United States and even to Canada with her to help with the dogs at American Kennel Club shows. I also worked at a boarding kennel and have cared for boarding dogs and cats as well as overseeing dog daycare.  I started grooming over 18 years ago, and I really enjoy grooming as a career because two days are never quite the same. Each pet brings something different into the salon and it is fun to experience their personalities as well as come up with a style that suits each individual well.


I have three girls Jayda, Kierah, and Layla who keep my husband Joel and I busy with softball, basketball, and 4H activities. Our Doberman Lambeau likes to come to the softball diamonds to watch the girls in the summertime. We also enjoy camping and spending time with friends and family when we can.




I started grooming in 2008 I had worked at a small pet store for over 5 years and also had experience with caring for dogs and puppies at a kennel. I enjoyed working with animals but wanted a more creative outlet involving them which let me to grooming. I love putting ideas into a finished groom with care. I like the challenge that sometimes accompanies this career. It’s something new everyday. At Bonsai Pet I can rely on the staff for assistance when I need it, it is a fun stress free environment, we are a team and that makes work enjoyable. I have a good sense of humor and a lot of compassion that I want to share. I put my heart into everything I do.


Outside of work I spend time with my kids. We participate in school activities, we love camping, hiking, biking and anything outside really. I am an avid reader. I also own 3 cats a domestic shorthair and 2 Bengals, I don’t have dogs, but these cats might as well be. 

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